Navigating Google’s title changes: The rollout

SEOs share their practices with Google’s new system for generating title links

In August, Google launched a new system for producing title links (the title of a search result in Google Search). “This is because we think our new system is producing titles that work better for documents overall, to describe what they care about, regardless of the particular query,” the company explained.

However, during the new system’s initial rollout, SEOs provided example after example after example of titles that not only failed to describe what the page was about but may also confuse users and deter them from clicking through. Luckily, the situation has since improved, but placing blind trust in Google’s new system can mean that you’re ceding control over a significant aspect of your content, which could ultimately affect your business.

What to do if you find Google is changing your meta titles

If you’ve noticed variations in your CTRs, it may be worthwhile to review whether Google has changed your title link. SEOs and tool providers have come up with many ways to do this. Ahrefs users also have a new tool that enables them to export title changes for broader analysis.

What you can do if you’re unhappy with how Google changed your meta titles

Some titles may still be imperfect. Unfortunately, you can do little to change Google’s title links directly, but adopting a more holistic view of the issue can help you craft more informative titles and avoid bad rewrites from Google.