Google Search Console testing tools to even URL Inspection tool – Recent update

The Mobile Friendly, AMP, and Rich Results testing tools will “align” with the URL Inspection Tool, said Google.

Today, the company announced that the Google Search Console’s public-facing testing tools would be aligned more closely to the URL Inspection tool. Google said it is updating these tools’ “designs and improving features to be fully aligned with the URL Inspection tool.”

Google Search Console testing tools to even URL Inspection tool

Which tools are getting impacted?

Google said this is affecting the AMP, Mobile Friendly primarily, and Rich Results testing tools.

What is changing?

Google is updating the design and developing some of the features of these three public-facing tools. Specifically, these fields will be both on the public-facing tools and the URL inspection tool:

  • Page availability – Whether Google was able to crawl the page, when it was crawled, or any obstructions that it encountered when crawling the URL.
  • HTTP headers – The HTTP header response returned from the inspected URL.
  • Page screenshot – The rendered page as viewed by Google.
  • Paired AMP inspection, Inspect both canonical and AMP URL.

Why it is essential to care

This change should help you align what you are reporting on between the various Google tools. This morning, Google said a discrepancy between the URL inspection tool and the crawl status reports might confuse. Having all these tools more aligned will lead to less confusion and more efficient use of your time.